Nook Drm Removal can help you quickly and easily remove drm from Barnes&Noble books, you can read Barnes&Noble nook books without any restriction. After the conversion process, it is capable for you to read Barnes&Noble nook books on other devices, such as Sony Reader, iPad, Android, etc. Also, if you have interest, you can even print them out.

Key Features

Nook DRM Removal Supports:

  • Fast speed conversion with one click
  • No quality loss, the same property as the original files
  • Support batch conversion
  • Converted books can be read extensively
Nook DRM RemovalVersion 3.8.2 for Windows
Nook DRM Removal for MacVersion 3.8.2 for Mac

About Barnes&Noble

Barnes&Noble (Nook) is very popular among the readers, its products, including both books and accessories, are popularized. for its ereader is a really wonderful innovation and a lucky present for readers. this delicate nook reader will facilitate building a good reading habit to get more knowledge and skill. with this pocket device, you will feel just like carrying a libray of the world around you!

Barnes&Noble Nook books
are now favored by all of us. For the books from Barne&Noble are of modest price and the quality is good enough. There is no doubt that a great number of Mac users also love reading nook books. Then you may find that you are not permitted to do this.

Do you still stay in the puzzle that Barnes&Noble created for you? And have you had endured this embarrassing and annoying situation that you have paid the books but you are not able to use it?

First, I would like to give out the main cause of the problem. Nook bookstores have used a kind of technology named drm to protect their books so you cannot access the books and read them on other devices except nook selves. Now we are clear about the reason. So if we want to get over this, just remove drm which resulted in this, we can read nook books simply.

Nook DRM Removal for Mac users only is really a wonderful assistant for removing drm within seconds. You won’t have any loss of quality, then your nook books can become flexible for you to take into use.

Nook DRM RemovalVersion 3.8.2 for Windows
Nook DRM Removal for MacVersion 3.8.2 for Mac

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Want to read NOOK Books from Barnes & Noble but don’t have a NOOK device? It’s very simple, you just need to download and install the NOOK for Android app on your Android phone or tablet.

Simply follow these simple steps:

• Turn on and unlock your device.

• Make sure that you are connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi before attempting to download and install the application.

• Go to the “Android Market” from your device’s application drawer.

• Once the “Android Market” loads, tap the “Search” button and search for “NOOK”.

• Tap, “NOOK for Android by Barnes & Noble.”

• Tap, “Install”, and then “OK” to confirm. a. If you have previously installed NOOK for Android, and an update is available, click “Update” and then “OK” to confirm. b. If you have previously installed NOOK for Android, and your application is up to date, you will have the option to “Open” or “Uninstall”

• Once installed, you will now be able to access NOOK for Android from your application drawer.

• When you first access the NOOK for Android App, you will need to sign in to your existing Barnes & Noble Account or create a new one.
You can now start reading NOOK Books from Barnes & Noble.

The OverDrive library collection is now available on your Nook Color and Nook Tablet. Follow the step-by-step directions to get started:

new nookNook Color/Nook Tablet

1. Open the App Store

2. Search for “OverDrive Media Console for Nook Tablet” or “OverDrive Media Console for Nook Color” based on the device you have.

3. Download the free app. You will need a credit card even though the app is free.

4. Open the OverDrive app

5. Tap the small circle at the bottom of the screen.

6. Tap “Get Books

7. If this is your first time, you will need to add a library by tapping “Add a Library” at the bottom of the screen.

8. Search for library

a. Pioneer Library Systemor your City or Zip Code

9. Tap name of your hometown library

10. Tap the star next to the link to save the library’s website to your “Get Books” list.

11. Tap the library website link.

12. Find the eBook or Audiobook that you want to download by tapping “browse” or “search” near the top left of the screen.

13. When you find a book you would like to read or listen to, tap “add to my downloads

14. Tap either “Proceed to Check Out” or “Continue Browsing

15. Enter your Pioneer Library Card number and PIN when prompted

a. If you do not have one, please apply for a library card at any hometown library.

16. Choose your lending period of 7, 14, or 21 days.

17. Tap “Confirm check out

18. Tap “Download

19. To view your book, sign-in with your Adobe ID when prompted by tapping “Settings

a. If you do not have an Adobe ID or forgot your log in, tap “Get ID

20. After book has downloaded, go back to your bookshelf, click the title, and begin reading.

21. Enjoy!

The Nook eBook reader has become such a popular tablet, you might be planning to buy yourself one this year. Maybe some lucky loved one will be getting a Nook for a Christmas present, birthday gift or other type of surprise. Whoever you plan to purchase the Nook tablet for, be sure you understand exactly what the Nook can and cannot do.

About the Nook eBook Reader

First of all, let me say that my sister absolutely loves her Nook eBook reader! She’s like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the multitude of ebooks she has access to. She can buy Barnes & Noble ebooks to read, make other types of ebook purchases, or take advantage of various free ebook offers. After enjoying the Nook for a whole year now, my sister is able to easily maneuver her way around the Nook on her own. She rarely calls me, my niece, or someone else to help her accomplish something on the Nook.

What is described as the “World’s Best 7″ media tablet” is really not that difficult to use, even if you have absolutely no computer or digital skills to speak of. When it comes to computer technology my sister is even less knowledgeable than my mother, and that’s saying a lot. But it didn’t take her long to get comfortable scrolling the easy to read Nook with its vibrant screen. The Nook offers both the smooth appeal of touch technology, coupled with physical buttons for volume control, and locating the home position. The Nook is an excellent gift idea for the avid reader. However, it may not be the best choice if the reader plans on listening to lots of audio books.

Nook Audio Book Issues

When it comes to listening to audio books on the Nook, there is an issue that purchasers should be aware of. The most popular competition to the Nook eBook reader is the Kindle Fire tablet. Because they are both popular eBook readers, people tend to think they are interchangeable and can be used the same way. The truth is, the Nook was created for readers, so the other types of media features are incidental. According to one NBC news review about the Nook, “Things start to get weird when we get into the other forms of media.” That includes the ability to listen to certain audio books on the Nook device.

Since the Nook is a product of Barnes & Noble, you can visit, as well as a local Barnes & Noble Nook Store to make purchases. Barnes & Noble has a limited amount of audio books available for listening to on the Nook. What they offer, compared to what’s on the internet is virtually a drop in the bucket. Audio books are popular online and there is an abundance of them in various formats. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to access them on your Nook tablet, if you can access them at all.

Processing Audio Books

Processing audio books so you can listen to them on the Nook ebook reader is inconvenient. This is your only option when you’re done listening to the limited Barnes & Noble library of Nook audio books. If you want to get access to other audio books, such as in MP3 format, you will need to download the files to your computer. Afterwards, you can copy the files from your computer to the Nook’s internal drive via USB. For a Nook owner like my sister, this is a chore that she wouldn’t be bothered doing if she even knew how. It is obvious that the Nook ebook reader is a tablet that is not really designed for listening to audio books.

If listening to audio books on your tablet is a primary concern, you may want to rethink getting a Nook. However, it is the perfect choice if you want an ebook reading experience that is believed to surpass the competition in every way. The Nook can be purchased at department stores like Sears, Target, Best Buy and Radio Shack, in addition to the Barnes & Noble Nook Store. The cost currently ranges from $149 – $199 dollars.

Barnes & Noble have kept its “early December” promise to bring the Nook Video service to the UK. The company has signed deals with heavy-hitters like the BBC, HBO and Warner Bros., so Game of Thrones and The Dark Knight Rises are ready and gagging to be seen. It’s also the first to arrive in Blighty with full-fat UltraViolet access, enabling you to watch your (compatible) purchased DVDs and Blu-rays without all of that fiddly ripping and re-encoding. If you haven’t snapped up one of the company’s Nook HD tablets yet, you’d better get writing that letter to Santa.

NOOK Video™ Offering Debuts in the UK

Digital Films & TV Shows Now Available for Streaming and Download on New NOOK HD, NOOK HD+ Tablets

New and Expanded Licensing Agreements with Leading Providers Including BBC Worldwide, HBO®, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ and Warner Bros. Entertainment

London, United Kingdom – December 10, 2012 – NOOK Media LLC, a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller and leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, today announced its NOOK Video offering of films and TV shows is available in the UK for NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ customers through new and expanded licensing partnerships with major studios and leading content providers including BBC Worldwide, HBO, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Barnes & Noble is also the first digital retailer to offer UltraViolet titles in the UK, bringing unmatched convenience and portability to customers’ compatible digital video collections.

NOOK Video features a diverse digital collection of popular classics, blockbuster hits, new releases, original television series and local favourites available for streaming and download. NOOK customers across the UK can now shop and experience their favorite movies and TV shows like never before seen in spectacular colour and stunning definition on NOOK HD, the world’s highest-resolution 7-inch HD tablet, and NOOK HD+, the lightest full HD tablet, for an unparalleled portable entertainment experience. Offered in standard and HD formats, videos that are streamed and downloaded from the NOOK Store will be stored safely and securely in the NOOK Cloud, so NOOK Video content can also be enjoyed on other devices via soon-to-launch free NOOK Video apps.

NOOK Video offers something for everyone in the family to enjoy, including Sherlock, Call the Midwife, Game of Thrones®, True Blood®, Ted, The Bourne Legacy, The Amazing Spider-Man™, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Men in Black 3, Spartacus, Party Down, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Happy Feet Two, and many more. The company is also planning to make content available from other leading studios, to be announced.

The launch of NOOK Video makes it the first digital retailer of UltraViolet titles in the UK, making it easier than ever for UK customers to integrate compatible physical DVD and Blu-ray Disc purchases and digital video collections across their devices. As the first UltraViolet-enabled tablets to seamlessly integrate a customer’s compatible digital video collection across their devices right out of the box, NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ customers can now easily link their UltraViolet accounts to the NOOK Cloud allowing them to view their previously and newly purchased UltraViolet-enabled movies and TV shows via NOOK devices and NOOK Video apps. In addition to purchasing a digital version via NOOK Video, customers can shop for DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with the UltraViolet logo, add them to their digital collection, and instantly watch compatible titles from the NOOK Cloud.

“We purposefully designed our new NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ tablets with stunning high resolution displays for unmatched reading and entertainment experiences, and we’re excited to expand our content partnerships to bring NOOK Video to our growing base of UK customers,” said Jonathan Shar, Vice President & General Manager, Emerging Digital Content, NOOK Media. “NOOK Video provides customers with the flexibility to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows wherever they go and however they choose – all in spectacular digital quality.”

“We’re excited to be part of the initial video offering by NOOK in the UK,” said Claude London, Digital Director, BBC Worldwide Consumer Products. “We hope that this partnership will provide consumers with flexible access to our wide variety of content including some of our major new releases and well-loved back catalogue.”

“Barnes & Noble becoming the first UltraViolet retailer in the UK is going to change the way consumers purchase and enjoy their digital movie libraries,” said Jim Wuthrich, President, International, Warner Home Video and Digital Distribution. “With UltraViolet-enabled movies, consumers know their collection is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed across numerous devices, including the NOOK HD and NOOK HD+. This convenience, combined with the ability for consumers to share their digital libraries with up to five family members, makes NOOK Video a very compelling destination to purchase movies.”

Barnes & Noble continues to push ahead with its plans to steal some market share from Amazon in the UK this week as it has released its Nook reading apps there for the first time. The free apps are for both Android and iOS, allowing users to browse Nook’s library of 2.5m books, newspapers, magazines and comics on their smartphones and tablets.

Although the app is new to those in the UK the version number is 3.3 for US Nook fans, delivering a number of new features and improvements. For iPhone users this means screen magnification, VoiceOver support and a tweaked layout optimised for the iPhone 5′s bigger screen. For both platforms it brings language support for French, Italian, German Spanish and British English and a free 14-day trial of Nook Newsstand.

Like Amazon’s Kindle apps it can be used to synchronise content across devices allowing users to pick up where they left off if they leave their e-reader at home. This also includes bookmarks, notes and highlights.

“Following the successful launch of our award-winning NOOK line in the UK, we’re delighted to introduce our free NOOK Reading Apps that seamlessly bring millions of digital titles to the fingertips of customers who use Android and iOS devices, and to put our unmatched digital reading experience into the hands of even more Brits” said Jamie Ionnone, president of Nook Media.

The news comes not long after the Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets, as well as the Simple Touch e-readers, went on sale in the UK for the first time. Although Barnes & Noble doesn’t have the same presence there that Amazon does with its reputation in the US and competitive specs as well as pricing it promises to shake things up at least a little bit in the e-reader and tablet market.

While Barnes & Noble’s hardware doesn’t look like it’s going to diminish the popularity of the Kindle brand too much in the UK the free apps should help convert people from Amazon’s alternative.

Nook Media, the joint e-reading partnership between Barnes & Noble and Microsoft, is appealing to scrapbookers and/or Pinterest users with a holiday video, Dear Santa, that promotes the Nook Catalog and Nook Scrapbook features on its Nook HD and HD+ devices.

Nook Catalog and Nook Scrapbook were introduced with the devices when they launched on September 26.

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Barnes and Noble has finally released their Windows 8 RT App today and looks very polished. Unlike Amazon, the eBook store is tied directly into the app, which means you are not prompted to open your browser when you want to look at their varied selection and make purchases.

Ever since Microsoft invested $300 million dollars into Barnes and Noble, people have been waiting to see how the two sides will join forces with the Windows 8 launch. It seems we now have a proper app available in the Windows RT store and it works in ALL international markets. Living in Canada, I have full access to buy any of the books I want, which is a huge boon. Ideally, I can purchase eBooks via Windows 8 and then sync them directly to my e-Reader.

When you are reading a book in the Nook for Windows 8 app, you have some of the text augmentation that is available in their dedicated readers. You can adjust the linespacing, margins, themes, fonts, and font sizes. There are options to establish bookmarks and then jump to the pages in many books. Speaking of books, there is almost 3.1 million of them to buy.  B&N also has one of the largest digital collection of the top 100 bestselling magazines available for both digital subscriptions and single copy sale, plus a large selection of leading daily and weekly newspapers

“This new NOOK for Windows 8 reading app is the first digital product launch under the recently announced strategic partnership between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble,” says Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products at NOOK Media LLC. “Our intent was to create a great digital reading and content buying experience for millions of users on Windows 8, and by working closely with Microsoft on the app we’ve accomplished that.”

“NOOK delivers a comprehensive digital reading experience in a Windows Store app. Barnes & Noble took advantage of the new Windows user interface to combine an immersive reading experience with the ability to easily browse, search and purchase from their extensive content catalog. As consumers continue to embrace digital reading, the NOOK app is a strong addition to the Windows 8 experience,” says John Richards, senior director of Windows App Marketing for Microsoft Corp.

NOOK for Windows 8 is now available to download for free in the Windows Store on all Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

The Barnes and Noble Nook line of e-readers are fairly popular in the USA. The company has one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the world with over half a million kids books, cookbooks, comics, ebooks, and much more! One of the drawbacks is that international consumers will run into complications buying content.

How to Setup an Account

The easiest way to register your Barnes and Noble account is to do it from the company’s main website. It is much easier to use your PC, laptop, or MAC to enter all of the fields for your billing and shipping address. If you are an international user, we have detailed instructions below.

How to Buy eBooks outside the USA

Barnes and Noble has a system where you need a USA billing address in order to purchase content. This is applicable to its e-ink readers like the Simple Touch, but also for the entire line of tablets. The bypass for this is fairly simple, you just need to enter a fake USA billing address and use your own local credit card. B&N never sends any digital confirmations in the post, and only relays it to your email account. You can simply Google for an address for an art gallery or shopping center.

How to Buy Apps and Video on the Nook HD or Nook Tablet

In many international markets, you not only have to have a USA billing address, but a USA credit card as well. This will allow you to rent movies from the new Nook Video System that comes bundled on the Nook HD and Nook HD+. This is a fairly complicated problem because most international users do not have a credit card registered in the USA. The main way to solve this problem is to get a Visa Giftcard. You can purchase them quite easily through a number of sources, including Shop e-Readers.

How to get USA eBooks on a UK Account

If you live in the United Kingdom you now have access to the UK version of the Nook store. This allows you to make purchases of content using your own address and credit card. If you are a prior Nook user that used the USA version of the store, you are in for a rude awakening. The databases for both stores are completely different, resulting in purchases from the USA store not carrying over. Many users have claimed that their libraries are completely blank when they use the Nook UK store. If you have already purchased a number of books, the best solution is to download them to your PC  to transfer the books over. If you are a new user, you simply want to register a new account.

How to Buy Nook UK Books in Other Countries

The UK version of the Nook Bookstore has a ton of content that you won’t find on the USA version. It has a ton of content that is regionally restricted such as magazines, newspapers, and bestsellers. Many people living throughout the world are from the UK but living in different countries, or you might just want to buy some books. The best solution is to use what’s known as a VPN. This basically uses third party software that installs onto your PC and masks your IP address. There are plenty of them online, we recommend HideMyAss Pro VPN, Hotspot Shield, or AlwaysVPN. Some of these are free, but most have low monthly rates. The main benefit of using a service like this is you can change your own local IP address so Barnes and Noble thinks you are connecting from within the UK. Most of these companies have solid instructions on how to setup and use their service. You can then simply connect your Nook to your local WIFI network and access the UK version of the store.

How Do I Transfer Books from Kobo to the Nook?

You can purchase eBooks from other online bookstores that sell it in the EPUB format. This means you can shop with Kobo, Smashwords or any other company. You need to use a program called Adobe Digital Editions. We have a number of video tutorials on our YOUTUBE Channel that teach you how to do this with all of the different Nook e-Readers and Tablets.

I Live in Canada, Do I Have to Use a USA Billing Address and Credit Card?

Many people are actually unaware that you can download a number of free classic books or titles from independent publishing companies. In Canada, Barnes and Noble does not hinder the downloading of any titles that are flagged as free. Books by major publishers are not available unless you follow some of the instructions outlined above.

Now that Barnes & Noble’s new $199 Nook HDtablet is starting to ship to customers, the company has lowered the prices on last year’s Nook Tablet models to $179 (16GB) and $159 (8GB), and reduced the price of its entry-level Nook Color to $139.

It’s unclear how long Barnes & Noble will keep these models on the market, but it appears they will be sold through the holiday buying season.

In the past you could get refurbished versions of these same models for similar prices. When it was originally launched in late 2011, the 16GB Nook Tablet retailed for $249 (it has 1GB of RAM). Amazon then brought out the originalKindle Fire for $199 (8GB) and Barnes & Noble followed up with the 8GB Nook Tablet, which has less RAM (500MB).

Earlier this week the company started shipping its Nook HD, which competes with the Kindle Fire HD, GoogleNexus 7, and Apple’s iPad Mini; it comes in 8GB ($199) and 16GB ($229) models.

While the Nook HD leaves off a camera and doesn’t have the breadth of apps and media selections (movies, music) that Amazon and Google offer with their latest tablets, the Nook HD has the highest resolution screen for a 7-inch tablet, is lighter than the Amazon Fire HD, and has an expansion slot for additional memory.

Barnes & Noble will also soon start shipping its larger Nook HD+ tablet, which has a 9-inch screen and starts at $269 (it bumps up to $299 for the 32GB model). The company’s Web site says the Nook HD+ will be available November 8.

Barnes and Noble announced today that the Nook HD and HD+ will begin shipping this week to people who pre-ordered it online or within the retail stores. This week, both devices will roll out into Barnes & Noble’s nearly 700 stores for demonstration and purchase, and into 15,000 additional locations through leading retailers that include Target, Walmart, and Best Buy this holiday season.

One of the new features that will be available when the devices come out is the Nook Video service! This allows customers to watch both movies and television shows via buying or renting. Today B&N announced a new partnership with NBC Universal and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. These two companies join HBO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, Viacom, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Walt Disney Studios.

“We specifically designed and optimized the new Nook HD and Nook HD+ to deliver the most exceptional video and entertainment experiences available on stunning, high resolution 7 and 9-inch displays, and we’re pleased to offer customers an even wider selection of their favorite movies and TV shows through our new leading studio partners,” said Jonathan Shar, Vice President & General Manager, Emerging Digital Content, Nook Media. “Nook Video is one of the most exciting new offerings for customers to enjoy on new Nook devices when they arrive this month, and with Nook’s seamless UltraViolet integration, customers can even shop online, from Nook devices, or physical DVDs and Blu-ray discs in our retail stores and access their digital copies from our safe and secure Nook Cloud for instant entertainment wherever they go.”

The Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Glo have been enjoying tremendous success in both online and retail sales. It would be interesting to see if Barnes and Noble can capture the same sort of fanfare that was evident in the Nook Color or Nook Tablet. The company did acknowledge that the pre-order demand surpassed any other e-reader or tablet they have ever offered.